Services & Solutions

Vertical Technology Group offers a local solution for Territory businesses and government looking for a reputable ICT provider. Our range of specialist services includes:

End to end solutions

  • From concept to operational/on-going maintenance
  • Desktop through networking and server management
  • Total cost of ownership – modelling and delivery
  • Work with vendors for a best-in-breed solution.

Remote and regional service

  • VTG has a fleet of aircraft that fly-in to all parts of the Northern Territory regularly or when needed, enabling our technical staff to spend quality time on the ground supporting our customers.
  • Our experienced staff understand the Territory, the harsh climate, the people and, importantly, the culture.

Consultancy services

  • Involve clients in the process, understand their business and develop the solution best tailored to suit their needs
  • Help ensure the implementation goes smoothly
  • Assist them to maximise the benefits of their investment in technology.

Contract services

  • Specialist skills/areas
  • Insource/outsource – total management.

Project Management

  • Project management of niche and/or complex ICT solutions.

Local Northern Territory business

  • Local representation for national or global companies
  • Supporting large ICT companies in niche areas.